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Jacksons Bay
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Went to the supermarket to replace the plates we left in Queenstown (yes we have just spent the last couple of days eating out of saucepans and a Tupperware box we nicknamed ‘The Trough’).

J had an exciting drive with a very sleepy and unentertaining V to Jackson Bay, an isolated fishing harbour with a population of 3 (probably not a fact). Here we had some yummy fish and chips in a small cabin on the harbour, which got surprisingly busy for the middle of nowhere.

Passed through a place called “hannahs clearing” and made many inappropriate jokes. We drove passed a bay with tons of random rock piles that travellers had assembled and written messages on etc.

Went to a DOC campsite cz we’re cheap asses and don’t want to pay for camping these days. It seems neither does the rest of the tenting world as more and more happy campers turned up throughout the night.

Our tent took another hammering, and it wasn’t that windy as we had picked the best pitch spot. Everyone else had their tents held down by rocks as the ground was so sandy, but J had very cleverly pitched in earthy soil in a sheltered place. He likes to talk about this. A lot.

We walked onto the beach, checked out all the driftwood and then ate steak (we have our priorities sorted-don’t pay for camping so we can eat cow). We then got eaten by the you-know-who’s, which were in abundance here, the worst we’ve been attacked so far. So the first half hour of any tent entry involved a sandfly smashing procedure that sounded like some crazy religious clapping ritual from outside our tent.

  1. Matthew Pack (Reply) on Sunday-21, 2010

    Man I hate sand flies. Someone needs to invent a giant hoover that sucks them all up.

    Good tent work Bear Gylls.

    How to cook steak really well. Dry heat pan, cover steak in olive oil, pepper, salt. When cooking rub with garlic (just cut a clove in half) and touch with Rosemary. Awesome.

    • V & J (Reply) on Sunday-21, 2010

      Ahhhh yes Bear Matt the force is strong with you.

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