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Jet Boating
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Started out not looking forward to today. The thought of having to do admin stuff was dull, but we didn’t realise how easy it was going to be to do it all.

Dropped into Jetboating and picked a time for later today. Suddenly bed shopping wasn’t so bad as we had something to look forward too.

No airbeds but they did have self-inflate super thick mats reduced from $200 to $80. V&J took a quick test drive on the shop floor (not what your thinking matt!) and decided they were comfier. J was delighted as the thought of pumping up another airbed everynight was making him want to chew his arms off.

An admin day would not be complete without a trip to ‘The Warehouse; Where everyone gets a bargain’. Got another two rubbish pillows to add to our two already rubbish pillows which is going to equal one sweet chunky pillow. Can’t wait for a super
comfy sleep now.

V got some fish for a pie that we could drink with the white wine (from Hunter Valley) as an extra treat for our oh so strenuous day.

Jet Boat ride: These boats can really move. Flick left flick right and we lightly kiss the rock face while sliding right in a 3 tonne boat on 10cm of water pulling “I’ve just pooped myself” faces.

Our driver would occasionally stop and talk about something 9 to the dozen say “sweet eh?” and before anyone could reply, speed off down the river again, throttle hard forwards and spin 360 degrees. “Have you ever hit the side?” “yeh, costs me a few beers eh” Cue poop.

Ate the fish pie like troopers. Prep time 1hour, eating time 1minute. Thats some good fish pie (not Jamie Olivers though shaz, sorry!).

Managed to skype mum and dad Pack just to make sure they were worried about the Bungee jump tomorrow. Muhahahaha

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