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Omri, our fellow skydive student was intent that today was the day we would fall from a plane.

Drilled one at a time with all the gear on, one last time and we were all set.

Then our dreams were almost dashed; we were told it was too windy for us to jump. 25knots of wind at 6,000 feet was 10knots over what we were allowed, particularly as this was the altitude we open the chute. What’s more, the weather was due to close in over the next couple of days, it looked like it was all over.

Then Mike came back in and said he was willing to send us up! Basically our parachutes move forward at 15 knots and the wind is going 25knots so even when we point forwards we will be going backwards. But this would be fine if we face the mountain as soon as our chutes open. The downside to this being if we head to the sea (downwind) we would be travelling at a combined speed of 40knots.

V was first (again!), they ran through the plane exit one more time and had one last full run through on the way up in the plane, then this happened:

She ran to the hanger to sort her chute out, then ran back outside in time to see J’s perfect landing-it was definitely more nerve racking watching the other person go up and do it.

We were seriously buzzing though! We wanted to jump again and again. After a quick evaluation of our videos in the classroom we had our logbooks officially signed. Level 1 AFF….tick! To you and I that means ‘I jumped out of a plane, controlled my own freefall, deployed my own parachute, flew myself down and landed. All without dying which is sweeeet.

The feeling of hauling yourself out of a plane and not killing yourself, or soiling any garments, was exhilerating. It meant that we were both now very interested in completing the AFF course.

However, the wind had started to pick up on the ground (causing Omri’s landing to be pretty interesting!) and we were told we probably won’t jump for the rest of the day. That decided it, it was great fun, we were glad we did it and extremely proud of ourselves but onwards and upwards we go! (we did give our number to the skydiving place so they could call us if the weather suddenly changed though!)

Back to the campsite for a swim, both beaming like Cheshire cats all night!

  1. Nick (Reply) on Wednesday-24, 2010

    Firstly, well done on jumping out of a plane when I did it I was proper shitting myself but as soon as I jumped it was awesome.
    BUT secondly, I dont apprecitate it that you have done one better than me and jumped out basically on your own!!!!
    good work guys looks awesome!
    did you get my email?

    • V & J (Reply) on Wednesday-24, 2010

      Yes, from ages ago? I’m guessing you didn’t get my reply? & hahahahahahaha yes we jumped by our selves was some crazy sh!t. Balls the size of watermelons!

  2. Amanda Pack (Reply) on Thursday-25, 2010

    Truly awesome, you guys make me smile big time ;-)
    2 Weeks to go before baby P number two arrives, only a little scared mainly very excited.
    Last day of work tomorrow, I plan to sleep and eat, looking forward to it, so baby better not come early!! Matt is good, working hard and Emily is barking mad as usual, but you can now have a conversation with her about well anything and she will give you some sort of response. As you can imagine the responses vary but if she is not sure she will repeat your every word instead. Big love to you both

    • V & J (Reply) on Friday-26, 2010

      2nd packlet inbound, is the world ready? Eat and sleep it up. Let us know when it all goes down in Pack town. Exciting! Emilly’s birthday soon as well. Got a prezy on the way for her. Hope she likes it. Good luck.

  3. Shaz (Reply) on Thursday-25, 2010

    Watermelons eh? Thats not what Nan Gray says!!! xxx
    Must have been amazing but soooo glad its done and dusted. xxxx

    • V & J (Reply) on Friday-26, 2010


  4. Matthew Pack (Reply) on Saturday-27, 2010

    that looked like a lot of fun – well done
    I did it in Canada but not quite the same way this version looks even more impressive.
    Great that you both did it. And the bungee too. Trying to explain to other people what its like is pretty hard.

  5. Alison (Reply) on Saturday-10, 2010

    Hi Guys
    Roxy & I have just watched your jump -nothing good on UK TV on a saturday night!
    We are both a little jealous – but only a little good to see that you are both having such a terrific world tour.

    Lots of love

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