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After breakfast we went to see what the crack was with regards to rafting off a waterfall, as this was really the only reason we were in Rotorua. We drove to the whitewater rafting place ironically on White Street. Not making the most of that one they called themselves Wet ‘n’ Wild. Ah well.

Met a strange man that looked us in the eye way too long and told V off for laughing. He said we could raft on our own today or with other people tomorrow. Predicting that it could be pretty lame just the two of us (and potentially dangerous if ‘crazy eyes’ comes with us) so we opted for tomorrow.

A quick look through our notes (stuff recommeded by other travellers we’ve met along the way) we drove to the gondola to go luging. As geeky as it looks in out photos it was actually really fun and dangerous! We thought it wouldn’t matter how fast you went it would be safe as there were young kids doing it, but it was crazy fast and we were glad we had our gimp helmets.

J even came off the track on a sharp corner and went careering off into the sand pit, throwing up a sand cloud that V merrily drove through and waved goodbye to J as she overtook him and (technically) won the race, but he doesn’t like to admit that.

Back to the hostel for lunch, read a book and went for a swim in the thermal pool that was so chlorinated (thank god otherwise god knows what species would be breeding in there) and so hot you had to sit in the shade.

Early night for our early morning whitewater rafting.

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