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Milford Sound
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Sandflies were lying in wait for us to get up and out of our nest. After a brief decision that an early morning swim was not on the agenda, we cooked some porridge and hot chocolate and sat on the shoreline overlooking the lake.

After a while we decided it was warm enough to have that swim afterall so we stripped off and jumped in. Hopefully it will help get rid of our 2day trek-stink!

We packed up (and got eaten, again) and headed on up to Milford Sound on the advice of many.

We stopped just before The Homer Tunnel and cooked up some lunch. It was here that we realised what Milford Sound was going to be like. About 6 tour buses and a million campervans stopped on their way to/from Milford to take a picture of the spot we were currently occupying. A funnel of middleaged tourists found us very funny for cooking up lunch here and took photos of us. We were part of the attraction again, just like India!

Milford sound…tick! After driving all that way we got to Milford Sound and turned around again. It was beautiful but we were just not up for the crowds and when you have been to Ha Long Bay (I think we could side step it).

Onto Queenstown (where there will be crowds, but also a 134m bungy so there). Pulled into a campsite and made steak and ale puff pastry pie. Jeremy didn’t speak for the rest of the night, he just sat there with a grin.

  1. Han (Reply) on Monday-15, 2010

    hello are you online now?!!!

    • V & J (Reply) on Monday-15, 2010

      Bung bung. Kinda online. Using iPhone over mobile network to update blog, so limited ‘online’. Lying in our tent at the mo listening to the waves outside pretty cool down here, NZ number one country. Got your messages they were very funny. Party on Wayne!

  2. Han (Reply) on Monday-15, 2010

    Sounds really cool!!! i’m so jealous.
    I’ve got an essay to hand in and an assessed presentation at 2pm today!!!!
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh … might maybe fail…. uh oh!
    Loads of love xxxxxxx

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