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Mountain Biking
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We hired mountain bikes to cycle part of the Queen Charlotte Track. This was good fun till V got ‘off road’ and discovered another sport she didn’t like. She can bungy jump and skydive but a few rocks and ‘getting too close to the edge’ on a bike is too much for her.

Cycled a relatively hardcore 12km to Mistletoe Beach for a delicious lunch. We failed to read the cooking instructions on the soup packet we had brought with us. It required 1-1.5 hrs cooking time. This was not possible (not enough gas or time) so we chowed down after boiling it for 10mins. Murky water with hard lumps ended up being dinner for ducks.

A quicker, downhill cycle back improved V’s mood, she may have even taken her hands off the brakes at one point. It was all going swimmingly until 100yds from the campsite when J’s bike blew up. Metal bits went flying as V cycled past, clearly more determined to get another banana muffin then ensure the safety of her loved one.

The campsite owners were really good about J’s blown-up bike and even gave us a discount for staying another night. Then we got free Internet AND BANANA MUFFINS. We have officially fallen in love with these people.

We watched a few cartoons with Rachel and Carl, had a jacket potato and then crashed out as J’s eyebags were dragging along the floor.

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