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Not Top 10

J geeked it up on the internet to get Matt’s website up and skyped parents to let them know we are still alive.

We drove back to the skydiving place to get J’s jumper (almost made #54 on J’s ‘Items lost whilst travelling’ list).

On our way out of Motueka we pulled over to make a decision about whether or not to finish the AFF skydiving course. An hour passed and we decided to carry on driving.

In Nelson we pulled over and decided it’s a pretty crap town and continued on to Picton via a nauseatingly windy road.

Played it safe and went to a Top 10 campsite that raped us out of $38, but if it’s as good as Motueka Top 10 then it’s worth every penny.

It was crap. The annoying fat bloke at reception pointed a chubby finger to the tiny tent sites. These were all next to the dump station (where all the caravans pull over and unload all their shit-literally) with the toilets the otherside, the kitchen had two stoves (for about 100 people) and no oven, the showers were shitty timer things that you had to keep getting out and repressing the hot water button if you wanted a shower longer than 10seconds, the ’swimming pool’ looked like it would give us AIDs and the worst part (which upset V a bit too much) was when a bloke stole her washing-up scourer.

The kitchen got rammed by 8pm and V started to get somewhat tetchy (‘why won’t someone open the f*cking door!’) and wanted to get away from all the other humans invading her space. One eye twitching she headed back to the nest and got an early night whilst J listened to the couple in the tent next door having sex.

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