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Pancake Rocks
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J finished Matt’s site and tried to upload at the library but FTP was blocked. I have no idea what I just said but J told me to write it.

We (meaning J as piglet girl was struggling to keep her puffy red eyes open) were in lot of driving today.

First stop was Pancake Rocks which was another one of those tourist ‘Kiwi Experience’ stops. As geologically interesting as the rocks are, we whizzed round and had some lunch round the corner.

More driving for J and V wanton to throw up on herself, maybe due to J’s driving.

After being wonderful company for J we finally arrived at Motueka and moved skydiving back a day.

Stayed in a $40 campsite (our jaws dragging all the way to the pitch spot) but it was well plush dough init. Swimming pool, hot tub, weird bouncy thing and very swish bathrooms. Ooh luxury.

V ate her body weight in food to build up her blubber for cold tent nights in an attempt to avoid colds like this one. Any excuse.

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