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12 pancakes left Jeremy feeling physically sick. Things got a little touch and go when he brushed his teeth and got a nostril full of a poorly travelers poop. With the remaining 2 pancakes on the dashboard (Jeremy couldn’t bear to throw them away, even if he had to inject them directly into his stomach) we headed to ‘Nugget Point’.

We walked to the lighthouse, enjoyed the view, spotted some seals and had to imagine the penguins existed. We weren’t as dedicated as the penguin groupies and gave up after 30mins.

We drove to a remote campsite where the weather was nice enough to hold the rain whilst we put the tent up, cooked and ate dinner. Super lucky. Also got to see some more lesbians, and these ones were busy ‘working out’. Yes this may sound like one of Jeremy’s fantasies but I can assure you it did not resemble a dream in any shape or fashion. Unless your wish is to be beaten up by two very rough, manly, muscular, broad, kickboxing lesbians who could (and probably have) bite a chickens head off whilst tearing a phonebook up with their bare hands. Each to their own i suppose.

  1. Han (Reply) on Saturday-13, 2010

    You do know that lesbians exist in England don’t you!!! And i reckon you loved it bung bung.
    You were just envious of their HUGE muscles!!!!!!!! lol xxxxxx

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