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Matthew Penn Day

V woke up feeling and sounding horrendous. All those nights of being cold and not getting any sleep had made V a very snotty girl.

J decided we would stay in this nice retro campsite for another night to let her recover.

We still had some things to do so V manned up and we went Jade shopping! It was pretty boring so we went to the garage for a new fuse for the car, which was even less exciting. Then J couldn’t stay away from the library to rinse the free wifi any longer. He started creating Matt Penn’s new website and V replied to lots of comments from you guys. She was fading fast and needed to be back in the nest so we gave up and headed back.

Back at the campsite V snoozed, sounding like an injured piglet and J carried on with Matt’s website.

Dinner and drugs, then V wet herself because someone had left Patricia Cornwell’s new book The Scarpetta Factor on the book exchange shelf.

More piglet noises whilst J tried to sleep.

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