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Skydive Classroom
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We were up at stupid o’clock, shoved in some portidge and headed straight to the classroom at the skydiving place.

We were told about all the aspects involved in throwing yourself out of a plane. We talked about how to exit the plane, the different stages of freefall, the equipment, canopy control, the malfunction procedure (at which point V is making a face similar to a rabbit in headlights, whilst on the toilet), aviation emergencies, altitude awareness, taking off procedures, wind awareness, what to do if there are twists in the chute or the slider wont come down and last, but not least, landing patterns.

We went through the freefall drill so many times we dreamt about it that night. Which is probably a good thing seeing as this is the drill you will go through and be tested on while you plummit to the ground at 200kph….I’m glad they drilled it into our heads!

The drill was as follows;
Slowly move to the edge of the plane when the crazy looking jumpmaster beckons me to the open door

check in (with jumpmaster inside the aircraft)

check out (with that crazy dude)

breathe twice

move up and down and then step out the door

arch (the position we had been moulded into time and time again in the classroom)


check altitude

check jumpmaster on the right (he gives a reply signal)

check instructor left (he does the same)

3x DDT (dummy deployment throws) to locate the parachute release toggle to remind you that you have a parachute on your back and you are NOT going to die.

look around at the view

At 7,000 ft shake head to say ‘no more work’

Lock onto altitude metre

At 6,000 ft wave arms (to say goodbye to the jumpmasters) and deploy parachute

Count 1000, 2000, 3000 and check back up to see whether your parachute has opened ok or if you are going to die! If it’s all good you can take control of the canopy by pumping the risers and turning a few times and say ‘thank God’.

This is what you do if your parachute ‘malfunctions’ aka screws you over:
Say ‘fuck’ quite a bit
Carry out malfunction procedure-look down chest, locate red handle (which releases main chute), locate silver handle (which deploys reserve chute), peel red handle up and pull down. pull silver handle down. This should (ideally) detach your main chute and open your reserve. Apparently what you don’t want is both open at the same time cz then they’ll tangle and there’s not a lot you can do about it (V makes same face as before).

After 8 hours of training we were ready to jump out of a plane but it was too windy for us to jump today (we can only jump in 12knots max) which is probably a good thing seeing as V still has a horrendous cold that 13000ft in altitude won’t help.

Back at the posh campsite we went for a swim, had a curry and played cards.

Big day tomorrow!

This is V running through our drill.

  1. Shaz (Reply) on Monday-22, 2010

    Right order, sky dive then tell me about it!!!! xxxxxx

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