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Feeling 400 times better we got up nice and early and went to check out our activity options. Skydive, yeh no fail, canyoning, yeh no fail.

The woman in the skydive place stupidly mentioned that you can throw yourself out a plane without being attached to anyone and land your own parachute via the AFF (accelerated free fall program) which you can do in Abel Tasman. Digging these vibes we cancelled on her and decided we would rather put our lives in more danger and jump/freefall/direct/fly/land ourselves.

And as for the canyoning, once we caught a glimpse of some nerds on the promotional video we walked off. We had jumped and slid down stuff much more gnarly in Asia, drunk, without helmets, lifejackets and some gimp in a wetsuit checking that everyones having a ‘great time’.

Slightly disappointed that we didn’t actually need to come to Wanaka afterall we snuck into the horse showjumping show and agricultural fair (was supposed to be $10).

Saw all the tractors that were driving from the top to bottom of the south island for charity.

We looked at all the farmer stuff, got
jealous of the sweet looking 3sec tent, talked to some dude about snowscooters and then went for a walk on the beach. We didn’t need to come here, but we were glad we did as it’s a nice town with a beautiful lake. The campsite was gross though.

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