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Sleep @ 1355 Metres
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After a sleepless night due to no airbed Jeremy was in a right pecker.

We went to the library as soon as it opened to skype Baz as it was his birthday today (tomorrow in Jersey).

We filled out an ‘intentions’ form for our 2day trek and gave it in to the DOC office so they can come and rescue us when Jeremy gets us lost.

A good start to the trek when, after several hours, we still couldn’t find the goddamn road to turn down! After discussing the possibility of a ‘rest day’ and running over a bird we stumbled upon the turnoff (we were only 15km wrong!) and started walking. Straight up a cliff. For hours.

Past the treeline the trail ended. There were then brief periods of hellish steepness and some pretty cereal mountain-goat style scaling. To make life easier we walked along the ridge of the mountains. Not for Victoria who has recently discovered her phobia of heights. After a couple of gnarly rocky crossings with beconing sheer drops either side, Victoria had a bit of a cry. We had also realised that if we had walked up a different ridge it would have been a lot easier. Doh! Still, Jeremys map reading skills were actually quite impressive as he sat and worked out our location with the compass and some geeky terminology about ‘triangulating’ or something. Must be his Bear Grylls shoes.

The views were stunning and not a person in sight, just a couple of birds of prey waiting for the two stupid English people to get lost and die.

We pitched our tent in a hollow between mountains with a handful of lakes and tarns surrounding us. The wind was howling and it was freezing but the sun was still out so we cooked on the side of the mountain overlooking Green Lake and the forest. Had a scrummy meal from a packet. At no point in time did that food ever resemble what it was supposed to. Mexican chicken and apple pie was more like rubber bits in water and cold sugared sauce with two biscuits ontop. But we were full and sat in the middle of nowhere, 1355m up, with noone else around and had that amazing view, so we were quite content.

Our tent took a hammering that night, but we both slept better than we had in days! Might be because of the 5hours of uphill walking and scaling mountains.

  1. mini (Reply) on Thursday-11, 2010

    Cool trek guys, Bear Jeremy and oh Victoria you need a wild-side name. Looks awesome!!! you two look like camping pro now. My day is less exciting, heading off to see the mid-wife – 5 weeks left and counting then back to work. Emily was on really great form this morning, we gave her a hair brush last night and she thinks this is the best thing ever. Well it was a travel hairbrush that folds from a clam shape into a brush at one end and a mirror at the other. The brush you need to pop in and on with your thumbs like a hedgehog so to be fair it is a pretty cool hairbrush. Anyway she looks tidier now xxxxxxxx

  2. Shaz (Reply) on Thursday-11, 2010

    Your photos just get more and more amazing! I’m so impressed with your navigational skills guys. So where are the Netherlands Victoria??? xxxxx

    • V & J (Reply) on Sunday-14, 2010

      Near Scandinavia?

  3. Matthew Pack (Reply) on Thursday-11, 2010

    why do girls always cry when you take them trekking?
    awesome photos – love the campsite – looks like you slept on a 2:1 gradient though!
    what did you write on the intentions form? was expecting some funny story about heading off into the wilderness to bury treasure :)
    any why did the tent take a hammering? is that rude or did it just rain hard?
    wish I was there

    • V & J (Reply) on Monday-15, 2010

      Hell no we were righting our exact co-ordinates on that form for when we got lost. Didn’t want to risk a joke one that would have them screw it up and throw it away when we didn’t come back! Unfortunately the tent taking a hammering was due to the wind (from outside of the tent).

  4. fred (Reply) on Friday-12, 2010

    just looked through your bungy photos and “I Didnt Soil Myself LIke Fred” TWATS. i feel its important to know that i didnt shit myself but i may very well have let a little wee come out. good times.. photos look brilliant by the way, have a mate who has been working out there he is up in north island travelling atm. some cracking fishing trips when u get up there from the photos i’ve seen of him. not sure how long he has till he has to get back to work in S.Island but will give you contact info if u want

    • V & J (Reply) on Sunday-14, 2010 wish to make an apology to a Mr Frederick Denne. An incorrect statement was published informing the public that he ’soiled himself’ whilst participating in a bungee jump. Please note that as of today this statement has been revoked and replaced with the following;
      ‘Fred Denne screamed like a girl cheerleader, fully pissed himself and poop came out. He then cried.’

      Thank you for your patience during these trying times.

      Yours faithfully,
      The Vandjtravel Publishing Team

      • V & J (Reply) on Monday-15, 2010

        test reply

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