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After a delightful full English breakfast we were ready for some more mountain action.

NOT! Our potentially filling breakfast of beans on toast very quickly turned into cold beans and bread as our ‘waterproof’ matches had got wet in the night and refused to strike. In desperation, Victoria tucked into half of her soggy sandwiches that were supposed to be for lunch.

But we were heading down the mountain so surely we wouldn’t need as much energy as yesterday? Even picking the least steep section to make our descent didn’t stop the blood, sweat and tears from making a second appearance. Quite honestly it was not enjoyable as it was so steep we couldn’t stop and appreciate anything. And a good couple of hours of fighting through hip-deep tussock grass could put the most placid of beings in a bit of a dither.

Still, it was rewarding to finally reach the lake and look back up at what we had just abseiled down without ropes! Jeremy had a swim in the lake but, seeing the rock snot (didymo) Victoria opted out and sat and had another little cry. Don’t ask!

Another 3.5hrs of trekking through forest, tussock plains and swamp marshes led us to the bottom of a hill, passing a mother and daughter (who looked like Victorias identical twin but 15 yrs younger). Our car was 3km further up and 100m higher. Jeremys time to shine whilst Victoria waited in the rain and got eaten by those pesky sandflies.

As soon as we were back to civilisation we headed to the pub for sunday roast and beers.

We drove 25km to the nearest DOC site and Victoria swam in the lake.

Settled down in a nice cosy tent (for once it was actually warm enough for Victoria to sleep hat-less!)

  1. Han (Reply) on Saturday-13, 2010

    Don’t cry! just think it could be worse you could be stuck in the uk. Photos look amazing and the trek sounds hard core. very impressive!
    I made Moussaka last night for dinner which was seriously surprisingly delicious… sorry!
    I went and saw Lady GAGA in concert with vic last week. She is crazy but it was awesome.
    Haven’t been out since then though as i have loads of work including essays and presentations for monday and tuesday of next week! DOH!!
    Where are you guys headed next? are you gonna go see Gretch?
    When are you going to be back on skype??
    My date went well… but then got cruelly rejected through being ignored! oh well. “Am i bovered?!”
    Missing you loads!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • V & J (Reply) on Sunday-14, 2010

      Haha I know I shouldn’t cry but when you have a period for a whole month anything seems to get me going!

      We heard about you and vic going to Lady GaGa donning some pretty cool wigs, you crazy cats! Sounds good though.

      Uni sounds gay, but you gotta work hard to really appreciate the horrendous drunken bits, or is it the other way round? Who knows, we were always too drunk.

      Missing you!
      P.S. Hugo is a silly name anyway.

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