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The Nimble Fox
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Did a runner after attempting to cook
breakfast which ended up being milky sandflies instead of porridge. V was on suicide watch to stop them before they drowned but many did not make it.

Tried to check in to the glacier walk but realised we didn’t have enough cash, the cash machine was 30km away, J’s card was back in the tent at the campsite (25km down a hairy windy gravel road that V nearly killed us on). So Baz’s credit card took yet another hit. Sorry dad!

As we boarded the coach V needed the loo so kept everyone waiting. When she got back the bus man jokingly asked if she had washed her hands and she showed him. The guide (thinking he was super cool) said “erg they’re still wet, that’s worse than not washing them at all”. “I didn’t wash them…”. Touché. Oh and J forgot his jacket so we had to wait for him too.

Deciding we had an immediate dislike to the annoying guide we went with the other one, who was a pretty cool Nepali Sherpa dude.

880 steps up and we were at the rim of the glacier. This was too much for chubby (a very strange enormous Australian) who got helecoptered out. Next time maybe he’ll PUT DOWN THE FORK.

Whacked some crampons on and walked on a load of ice. Stopped for lunch, which we had prepared so didn’t have much. Did some more walking on ice whilst the guide pick-axed a route for us. V only enjoyed this until he started carving very steep steps across holes and sheer faces. She was also beginning to think that ‘ice is ice’ and was getting slightly bored. J held his enthusiasm for a tad longer and took lots of snaps of the waterfalls etc, taking one for the team.

Back at the bus we realised how tiring it had been climbing on the ice for 6-7hrs, with just a sandwich in our stomachs.

We stopped at a viewpoint for dinner to avoid being eaten back at the nest.

Park car, run from car to tent, unzip 1 door, throw bag in, roll into tent James Bond style, zip up tent almost before limbs are in, kill 5bijillion sandflies, snuggle, sleep.

  1. Shaz (Reply) on Monday-22, 2010

    2 x G&T – no ice!

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