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Woke up to the sound of the rain and the he/she’s kicking the crap out of each other.

We (very briefly) washed in the river, hypothermia potential raised considerably. We then got all our rain gear on and started ‘The River Walk’. We walked for an hour and got bored so turned back. We met a couple on the way back who asked us if we had seen any birds. Jeremy replied “Just a couple of ducks” to which the dude asked “What kind of ducks?”. Jeremy looked at Victoria who shrugged so he said “Just some grey ones”. The persistant guy then asked “Yellow heads?”. “Nope, just normal grey ducks”. At this point the woman piped in with a smarmy “Yellow heads are the small endangered birds, not ducks.” V & J moved swiftly on before they caught each others eye and laughed in the bird geeks face.

Drove to McLeans waterfall and Jeremy climbed up rocks, tree roots and mud slides to get to the top, where he got some pretty cool snaps.

Carried on to Lake Hauroko where we found a secluded spot in a field to set up camp. A cheeky bird and his mate were very curious as to what was going on in their neighbourhood and flew around us for hours, and weren’t shy about it.

Jeremy’s new Bear Grylls shoes had forced him to make a fire, which saved us a few pints of blood, but we still got ravaged by the sandflies. Jeremy’s ankle got completely gang raped.

  1. frederick (Reply) on Tuesday-9, 2010

    guys am assuming you are still in S.Island. i recomend milford sounds as iits amazingly stunning and glacier walk or climb depending on your budget either Fox Glacier or the one we did around the corner however its early and cant remember the name of it..
    much lovious

  2. NICK (Reply) on Tuesday-9, 2010

    agree with fred milford sound is pretty cool, i suggest go to queenstown for a bit get drunk for a few days then go to milford sound then go back to queenstown and get drunk a bit more. A hostel called Black Sheep in Queenstown is pretty good, farily cheap and you get a free breakfast (you did when we were they may of changed now) and its only 2mins walk in to town.

    the glacier was pretty cool too cant remember where that is we did a whole day which to be honest was a bit excessive after a few hours my view ice is ice. i suggest half and day is sufficient and it keeps the costs down.

    nick x

    • V & J (Reply) on Sunday-14, 2010

      We ended up taking your advice and doing the following;
      We didn’t go to Milford
      We didn’t go back to Queenstown
      We did a full day Glacial walking!

      Sorry! But we are missing Queenstown (Victoria is adamant she does another bungee soon, and Jeremy misses the booze and we both feel we missed out on a furg burger) and Victoria got a bit bored on the full day ice walking. So, your advice would have been useful if we had the brains to take it! Doh!

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