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We drove back to Nelson but this time parked up and had a snoop around. By this we mean we walked into the ‘World of Wearable Art’, had a look at the price and walked out again. J took a picture of a classic car outside the front and we had lunch in their carpark to rub it in.

V really wanted to watch ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in 3D, so we got tickets, some sweet glasses and salty popcorn and enjoyed a pretty rubbish film. We were looking forward to crazy effects and tripped out 3D hallucinations but we got a flat kids movie. V enjoyed her popcorn though (all to herself).

There was a short discussion and a large panic when neither V nor J could produce the car keys. A sprint to the car park relieved J that A) the car was still there and B) he has not locked them in the car. V eventually found them in the cinema under seat G9. We’ll give you one guess who was sat at seat G9.

We drove onwards to Picton stopping 30mins out at a cool campsite at the beginning of the ‘Queen Charlotte Track’. Any woman that gives us Fresh Banana Muffins as a welcome present is brilliant as far as we are concerned.

Met a nice couple who are basically doing the same thing as us and blogging their way round, check them out and leave them a random comment:

Sat up drinking and chatting with them till…… 12:15 our latest ever night!

  1. shaz (Reply) on Friday-2, 2010

    Can’t seem to send u email from bb.We’re enjoying palm gardens. John and shaz doing morecombe and wise breakfast sketch every morning! Weather v nice. Played golf twice baz the champ! Back on monday will skype then. Try not to lose anything before then! Lol b&s xxxx

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