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18 Hour Bus

Don’t expect this blog post to be that interesting because, as you’ve probably gathered from the title, 18hrs of our day consisted of sitting on a bus.

Anyway, in the morning we packed up and said goodbye to our apartment. We took out bags to the hostel we used yesterday and they were kind enough to hold our bags for the day.

We walked to and around the park then we found a cheap place for lunch, stocking up incase the food is crap on the bus/we don’t get any.

As we walked to the bus station a scary looking armed security dude approached us. Thinking we were about to get internally searched because we were taking photos of a statue, he surprised us by asking in a weedy voice if we wanted him to take a photo of both of us together. I think J was slightly disappointed.

Painlessly found our bus and, well, sat on it for 18hrs.

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