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Up and showered (in the private shower not for campers as we were feeling rebelious) for our drive back into Auckland. We figured we had a lot to do so it wouldn’t hurt getting there a couple of days early.

Drove round the crazy one-way systems in the centre, got in a mood and wondered if there were any New Zealanders that could actually drive. Finally found STA and picked up our flight tickets (slightly short notice but ah well) before escaping to the outskirts.

Found a peaceful campsite in Remuera, set up and went to the local library for free Internet.

We received an email from an American dude who wanted to buy our camping stuff and wanted to look at it now. We headed back to camp and sorted everything out and he rocked by and bought it all for $80. We asked him to come back tomorrow morning otherwise we would be homeless. We then texted Martin and Julie (the smiley wine cup people) and asked if we could take them up on their offer of staying a night. We sent it to someone in the Philippines before correcting the country code.

V decided the mince meat smelt like faeces so veggie pasta it was. Then a strange mole-like man appeared with some mince and said we could have it as he ‘wasn’t going to need it where he was going’. V assumed he meant he was going to commit suicide so was nice to him, cooked his mince and was given his life story, which pretty much consisted of sleeping in his car for the last 19yrs. He was then determined to give us his frozen vegetables.

Met a few fellow travellers but no-one good enough to get a proper mention on our world famous blog.

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