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Back to BA

So when V eventually had to get up at 8am for the ferry she made a lot of effort to make as much noise as possible, turning on as many lights available. When J said ‘I think you should turn the lights down’ the fire in her eyes warned him to back off. Plus she loudly stated to everyone in the room ‘Oh sorry am I waking people up? Because I couldn’t care less if I wake these nobs up’. So J hid under his duvet and allowed her to stomp around, unnecessarily, in the bathroom.

After breakfast we asked the guy at reception if he had heard any news about V’s jumper but he really didn’t give a damn fobbing us off with some lame excuse about the night staff being on and he’ll email us if he hears anything. So we have officially written off that jumper and will buy another one in BA. WooHoo V has finally lost something, thought J. She only needs to lose 12 more items and they’ll be even.

Back in BA we got a taxi to the house we were going to be staying in for the next week. A young girl answered the door and showed us to our room, which was small but cosy. The house had several floors, 8 bedrooms, all housing Spanish speaking students. Not quite a homestay but everyone seemed to be friendly enough.

We tried to skype Emily as it’s her birthday today and eventually got through and managed to speak to everyone, congratulating Si and Lucy in the process!

After settling in we went for pizza (do you want some pizza with that cheese?!) and attempted to get an early night for school tommorrow. We very quickly learnt that the gay dude upstairs enjoys listening to James Blunt at 3am. I think we will just have to get used to these late nights as it’s the norm here in Argy. Plus V is too dehydrated to cry anymore.

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