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Beef & Films

In the morning J wanted to go wine tasting again, but V wasn’t feeling too hot so we went out on a wifi hunt as we have tons of boring admin stuff to sort out.

We found some in a hostel and got distracted skyping people.

We then spent a ridiculous amount of time searching for some change (its like gold dust here as you have to use the correct coins on the buses). Eventually we stumbled across a phone place where they took notes and V phoned the landlords of our apartment to let them know we were leaving tomorrow.

Back at the ranch V cooked an entire cow (on the ovens highest setting-slow roast) whilst J slouched about in his pants. We watched ‘Indecent Proposal’ & watched Chris (Michael Douglas happens to look like Chris Pack) get down and dirty in ‘Basic Instinct’, there was something disturbing about this.

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