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Boat to Ur a gay

We got up earlier and felt bad for it! We got a taxi (cheap) to the boat (expensive) and within a couple of hours we were in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.

At the port we walked to the bus station and were shocked at the price of a bus to Montevideo. It was more than three times the price quoted in the LP we had stolen from our hostel. Back at the port we asked tourist information if there was any other way but unless we hired a car, there wasn’t.

Back at the bus station V asked the dude if this was the price for a regular local bus and it was. Giving in we agreed but we had, however, missed that bus and had to wait 2 and a half hrs for the next one. But on the up side we realised he was quoting in Uruguayian peso and not Argentinian peso so the price had just decreased by two thirds. This gave us time and money to have lunch in a nice cafe in Colonia.

As we boarded our rather luxurious bus J caught a glimpse of the ‘5G WiFi a bordo’ sign. V translated and it made him a very happy boy indeed. Free super fast Internet for our entire 3hr journey was a welcome surprise. Why does England not have this?! Our Indian bus journeys were long behind us now!

In Montevideo we (V) asked about a room in a hotel but it was too expensive, didn’t include breakfast and had no Internet, so we found a hostel instead.

We were sharing an ensuite 6 bed dorm with an American guy called Cameron so we had plenty of beds to choose from.

We only had 300 peso left so made it our mission to eat for less. It was a pretty ropey meal but V was happy to have vegetable quiche instead of more colon-blocking red meat!

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