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Day 3 BA
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Its a new record! Our lie in lasted til 1pm! Just in time for lunch!

Went to a pizza restaurant as we thought we should probably vary our diet a tad. We then walked to the famous cemetery where Evita is buried and had a beer in a cafe. We were wondering whether to do Spanish lessons here in BA or in a smaller town, or even Uruguay.

All this hard work required energy. An All you can eat restaurant sounded perfect. We ordered some cheap wine to go with our pikey buffet style dinner. The wine would have been useful to light fires with so we left that and ordered a beer instead. The food was average until we realised it included as much BBQed meat we wanted. V managed to knock her Spanish together and get a huge steak and half a chicken by batting her eyelashes at the steak man. It made the meal very good value.

Went back to our hostel where Johnny Depps twin was on reception. V immediately forgot all her Spanish and just shuffled off to the room.

J had a shave as he was becoming less human by the minute and V spent a good half hour in the loo struggling to digest all the cows she had consumed in the last few days.

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