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Nothing to do but drink
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So it rained all night again and is here for the day. Absolutely tipping it down. Like true Brits with nothing to do we turned to booze. But we had to brave the rain first to the nearest cash machine about 1km away.

But it was worth it. After a few beers with the Aussie’s and Salisbury guys and some stew to line our stomachs we all decided we needed something a bit harder. We managed to sneak in a few bottles of vodka and all continued to drink ’sprite’ whilst playing drinking games. It all got horrendously messy, V got so battered she couldn’t spell sprite anymore and J was in a whole other world. What he didn’t realise was that the ‘nice man’ he was talking to for hours was old, bald and outrageously gay and wanted a piece of him. V and co decided it was best if we just let the flirting continue.

After several hours of mischief J came and dragged V to bed, which was probably for the best considering neither of us could walk/talk. V remembered all our stuff was still downstairs and she went and grabbed everything she considered important. In her state this didnt consist of the laptop and iPhone but the cables bag and laptop case.

Luckily we still had the dorm room to ourselves so we could smash ourselves into every obstacle enroute to our bunks whilst slurring ‘i love you’. We were unconscious in record time.

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