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Hot Water Beach
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Long showers, drawn out breakfast and a slow pack away of the stuff to get our Easter moneys worth, then drove to Cathedral Cove to see what all the fuss was about. The relatively boring ‘45 minute’ (actually only took 30 minutes) walk was improved by the fatties behind us moaning that they couldn’t make it up the slight incline. They never did make it.

The tide was coming in so we had to make a choreographed dash on and off Cathedral Cove and it was pretty, but not all it was cracked up to be (maybe the Easter rush had spoiled the views).

Onto Hot Water Beach in time for J to buy his very own pair of sunglasses (he finally found the same as Andy’s in Oz) and V had a twister ice lolly before heading over to the crowds. Around 50 people had gathered in one spot on the shoreline waiting for the tide to go out to reveal the hot water springs beneath, so they can dig their holes in the warm sand. After seeing a family of whales J said to V ‘well they’re going to have to dig a big hole’ just as mummy whale was walking past……. Taxi!

As soon as the tide was out far enough the crowd went wild and we felt the heat from under the sand rise up and warm the sea water. That was about as exciting as it got for us and we decided to leave the hole digging to the ‘experts yokels’ and head to Port Jackson DOC site instead. It was well recommended by Carl and Rachel as it turned out to be in a lovely spot with cold, but swimmable, sea to wake us up every morning.

As we drove down the dusty rocky road and approached the campsite we realised that every New Zealander and his nan was camping this weekend. Still, we managed to squeeze in at the back and watched all the happy families eat their chips and dip and peanuts galore. This drove V insane as she had been dreaming about nibbles for weeks.

Cooked bangers and mash and attempted to talk to a group of people who claimed to be friends but we are pretty sure they were just a bunch of robots that had just met, so we went to bed.

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