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Julie & Martin

The American dude came and took our nest away (was quite sad to see it go, J even compared it to giving away a child).

We cleaned the car ready to give back to the rental company. Well technically we played cards whilst some dudes cleaned the car for $25. Before you judge us, it was filthy and it would have taken us days.

We had some time to kill before Julie and Martin finished work and we didn’t want to be parked outside their house waiting for them like stalkers. So, we went back to the postoffice for J’s verucca stuff and booked a hostel in Buenos Aires on the internet in the library. Spoke to the Baz and Shaz whilst sat in the car outside the library so we could rinse their internet, but had to move when the parking attendant came along. Baz described us accurately as Bonnie and Clyde.

We drove along the new motorway and roads past brand spanking new estates and houses. It was like it had all been built yesterday, everywhere was spotless. We had big grins in our faces when we pulled up to their rather impressive house! Spare room guaranteed!

It was quite possibly the cleanest house we had ever seen, both V and J thought they would spill/break something at one point. Luckily they didn’t but J did set the alarm off after Martin’s ‘This is how not to set the alarm off’ speech.

Julie cooked up a well needed feast and even gave V a hit of chocolate and marshmallows which made her day.

Had a nice relaxing evening in chatting and watching some TV before getting into an amazingly comfortable bed. Ridiculously, V didn’t sleep very well, possibly because she kept thinking about the bath she was going to have in the morning.

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