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So Long Crazy Shorts

Up early J started to put all our camping gear on (NZ version of eBay) whilst V went and got some supplies to ensure we didn’t run out of booze EVER again!

Crazy no-shorts offered us $40 for everything and a free night at the campsite (so $70 technically) but we figured we could get more on trademe and we didn’t want to stay here any longer because he was weird and the water was slimey.

J set the auction time to end 3hrs before we are supposed to be at the airport on Thursday just to keep us on our toes. He had also hacked into the Internet and had managed to exceed the download limit so he hid round the corner and nervously waited for V to return. Giggling like a schoolgirl he told V what he’d done and her reply was inevitable ‘You’re a geek Jeremy’.

Drove to Leigh harbour then to the long sand dune beach of Pakiri where we ate sandwiches in the sunshine.

Went to a Family Parks campsite in Whangarei as we got free muffins at the last one. No such luck this time, but we did have a cool pitch spot on the beachside.

V made J cry when she promised him a lasagne for dinner and then realised there was no oven. Prawn curry was pretty sweet though.

Talked to the sweet old couple next to us in a caravan from 1910.

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