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After a measly breakfast of stale toast and fly-jam J watched Ians sweet 720 over and over and got snow sick.

We hiked round the old town checking out some buildings and stuff and a depressingly brown ‘park’.

Went to the poshest indoor market we had ever been to and had enormous steaks fresh from the coals with grilled peppers and an amazing salsa thing called churrichurri or something. There were 6 massive blokes chucking slabs of meat on the BBQ, casting them like fishing rods over their shoulder, they were so big. A lot of miscellaneous meat on view. The menu had been half-heartedly translated into English with choices consisting of ‘Rump steak’, ‘Steak rump’, ‘Juicy rump steak’, and ‘Steak of rump’. Dos ‘Juicy rump steak’s’ por favor señor! Our steak count now on 9 (between us).

Played poop slalom – don’t walk on the grass in S.A as it hides the poo.

Had several beers and J felt he didnt have enough meat in his life so ordered a turkey sandwich. We walked around town for hours checking out some more old buildings and the Market stalls selling stolen car number plates.

Back at the ranch we rinsed the tinternet, had a meal (we are seriously going to come back twice the size and possibly mooing).

We got stuck into the final botella de vino tinto, involving our roommate Cameron. We played cards for a while and demanded to have more booze. An interesting walk to the late night liquor store rewarded us with a bottle of Grappomiel, a liquour made with grape skin and honey resulting in a horrendous syrupy ‘ring of fire’ type drink. We managed to drink the whole bottle within the hour. Pulling the short straw Cameron went off to find more and we had only just started tucking into the second bottle when we were invited to a couch surfing party. By this time we were all delighfully pissed and ordered lots more booze at the bar until Cameron could no longer keep his left eye open.

This is where the memorys end. Goodnight.

But thanks to photographic evidence we can be seen continuing to drink grappomiel and eating someone elses “food”. Not really sure what it is or how it tasted but we look pretty pleased at our steal.

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Saturday-8, 2010

    send us some of that terror drink back….is what i shouldv said a long time ago, but oure not there anymore are you

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