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Can’t Move


We were woken at 10 to be told that we needed to check out as our room was booked for tonight. Bummer.

Instead, we checked into the Aussie’s room. J successfully managed to move himself leaving V to deal with the rest. We said goodbye to the Salisbury lads (young spritely things were ready for their bus journey, bastards).

V then persuaded everyone to go for breakfast (minus J obviously) and she had her first Maccy D’s of the trip. With a stonking hangover it was actually alot more pleasurable than in the UK, plus ordering a quarter pounder meal in Spanish ticked a box.

Back at the ranch (V armed with a plain baguette to spoon feed J) it was all too much for us and we had a nice nap. V talked to the Gray’s on skype then made some pasta for dinner.

We watched some films and passed out. Today it didn’t rain, not that it mattered.

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