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Got off our luxury bus and went to the tourist information desk at the station for a map and info. A lady approached us and wondered if we had somewhere to stay. Normally we would tell them where to go immediately but everyone has been so nice in S.A so far we were polite and gave her the time of day. She offered us an ‘apartment’ in the centre of town in her broken Spanglish. J assumed that she had got the word wrong and meant room because the price she was offering was crazy.

So we got a free lift into the centre of town, no obligations, to look at the room. We were delighted to find that she had not got the word wrong as we were shown around a fully and newly furnished apartment! We took the swanky place for the same price as we paid for a double bed in BA then J walked around in his boxers singing, ‘because I can can can!’

Took a hike out to tourist info to find out about activities for tomorrow. Walked around town in search of a lavadora to get our festering clothes decontaminated. Visited the supermarket to get food for the next three days. Had some souper soup for a late lunch and enjoyed the privacy of our house.

Collected our now fresh washing that no longer proved to be a bio-hazard to man and beast.

Cooked up lasagne in the worlds slowest oven (J not noticing the difference between cooked and uncooked pasta). Played cards an watched J pull his hair out and have a tantrum as V destroyed him 20 hands in a row.

Hope our room mates don’t keep us up too long…… NOT!

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Saturday-8, 2010

    what card game?

    • V & J (Reply) on Sunday-9, 2010

      shit head

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