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Port Jackson

After a good nights sleep (it was much warmer up here!) we decided to head to Frasier’s Bay, a DOC site further down the track with ‘the best swimming beach in the area’, to start a walk out to Stoney Bay. Rough Guide wrong again! It wasn’t even half as nice as Port Jackson and had tons of pikeys camping there. We decided to head back and have a chilled one, forgetting about the walk. After revving the crap out of our poor little ford fiestaaaah V announced they were stuck in the sand. J’s advice of ‘Just f*cking floor it!’ just seemed to attract more attention to ‘the woman driver’. A bloke even came over and asked V if she wanted to get out and he’ll drive it out. Being the defensive ginger she is she (politely?) declined saying that she wanted to do it herself. ‘Good on ya’ was his wife’s response. She managed to slowly edge the car out and raced up the hill in embarrassment.

A well earned beer was required back at camp but we were dry as we had been attempting to finish all our supplies recently. We spent the day reading, swimming, playing cards and drinking the leftover red wine.

Dinner was going to be interesting as we had minimal supplies left, so cheesy, tomatoey pasta with sausages it was. With a fish starter donated by the family camping infront who clearly felt sorry for us!

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