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Punta to Colonia
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Up just in time for the coach and for V to forget her jumper. Got on yet another WiFi coach to Montevideo where we ate pre-made (V was v.organised) salami rolls in the bus station whilst waiting for our connecting coach to Colonia.

The next coach didn’t have WiFi (don’t they know who we are?!) what is the world coming to?

In Colonia we walked to the same hostel chain as in Punta del Este but this one was half as decent, was very busy and the staff were pretty rude. We tried to get the bloke in reception to phone the hostel in Punta re-V’s jumper and he said he’d let us know. Realising this was a lost cause we got out of there to go and see some sights.

We josseled for camera positions, fighting off swarms of tourists to get the best shots. Had some beers and food and spent the rest of the night in the hostel searching for windsurfing spots in SA.

The idea being that if we have a late night maybe we will be so tired we’ll sleep through the noise. But instead V ended up having to read her book until 3am because one of the Spanish boys in the dorm had some serious congestion issues. After which she was woken up at 4, 5, and 6am by the absolute nobends also staying in the dorm. Cue tears. Jeremy slept like a baby.

  1. Shaz (Reply) on Sunday-2, 2010

    Love the Schnauzer xx

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