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Rain, Rain, Go Away

It pored down all night and was determined to be overcast, so they’ll be no windsurfing today.

Skyped Hannah and Matt and Amanda and saw Thomas for the first time. Was pretty cool to be able to watch him do the moonwalk across the screen. Oh the wonders of skype.

Asked the useless woman on reception about what we can do here. This turned out to be ‘nothing’.

We walked through town but everything was closed because it’s Wednesday (obviously). Bought a crazily expensive pizza from the supermarket, thinking we would save the dinero.

Stayed in on the Internet, watched tv and played cards with some other travellers. Getting the impression that there’s nothing to do around here. Or in Uruguay in general.

Had the 6 bed dorm room to ourselves which was sweet. A new notch engraved on that bunk bed!

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