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Arrived in Salta late afternoon, hank marvin because the bus was late and failed to produce any lunch, god damn them! We shared a taxi with Alex and Laura into town, costing a whopping 90p, between us.

Checked into a ropey hostel as we couldn’t be bothered to look around. Showered and changed, brushed our teeth (which was WELL needed) and went to find a late lunch. We decided to just grab a snack from a dodgy looking burger van because we were delerious from sleep deprivation.

Then we walked to this big hill, debating for all of 20seconds whether to walk up or get the gondola. We shared our gondola with two highly religious women donning big crosses round their necks. They preached to V for a while, luckily for J he couldn’t understand them.

At the top we wondered why they had bothered to build a godola here, it was a nice view of the town but with all the statues of Jesus and shrines, it just left us feeling weird. Maybe our tiredness was making us cynical.

We walked down the winding steps through the undergrowth. The only view that accompanied this journey was the occasional group of SA pikeys smoking, drinking or macking out.

At the bottom our calf muscles were ruined (although we wouldn’t discover this till tomorrow) and there was a cool statue to look at.

Hobbled back to camp were we went in search of ‘the strip’ that has all the bars and restaurants on it. One restaurant stood out as it looked like it consentrated more on food than on shows, so we took a chance. Both had awsome steak. J devoured 500gr of pure meat while V backed him up with a similar figuer suplemented with a kick ass gravy. Dam good steak, tick.

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Saturday-8, 2010

    love how you name random people in your post as if we already know who the are

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