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A Week of Spanish
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So our lifes now consist of getting up at around 8:30 (apart from the first day when we decided to get there at 8:30 by mistake). Did the early morning 30min poop slalam behind the professional dog walkers who were determined to lay as may “gates” as possible. Arrived at our spanish school to chat to fellow students. For J this was Kelly, Tom and HMS Canadia (a deafeningly loud Canadian dude who must of swallowed a mega phone as a child), For V, in her elite class (she can already say ‘hola’), there was just one other to steal the lime light, a guy from New York called Rick.

We both had class for 2hrs in the morning, a half hr break where we ran to the pizza restaurant for takeaway, then another 2hrs. For J this meant 4 hrs of laughing and taking it in turns to chat the teacher up, for V it meant 4 hrs of ‘no-English-allowed’ torture. It wasn’t quite that bad but she did manage to cry (twice) right in the middle of a sentence.

It did get more and more enjoyable the more we learnt and we noticed the difference back at the house when we could, relatively successfully, have conversations with the other housemates.

It was, however, exhausting. Concentrating consistently for 4hrs non-stop was hard enough, but it didn’t stop when class finished. We had to continue to speak Spanish for the rest of the day, whether we were out sightseeing or back at the house. Yeh we know this is the best way to improve but it was hard work ok! Especially for V who was constantly having to translate (badly!) for a very curious J.

We tended to eat in every evening to save money, making lasagne for everyone one night. This was the night V managed to smash a whole bottle of red wine over the White tiled floor and cut herself in the process of cleaning it up. All the students were very enthusiastic about us learning Spanish and were more than happy to help! No Miss, I didn’t get the Spanish girls that I live with to do my homework for me I promise! V got on particularly well with Carolina after a nice heart to heart one night.

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We went out on the town on Friday night to celebrate the end if our course, taking Caroline and Euge (god knows if that’s how to spell it-we could only say it correctly when we were completely battered!) with us. We downed a bottle of wine, grabbed a quick dinner (at 11pm, which is the norm here but for us English it’s painful!) and then got stuck into the wine and beer. J was feeling the effects of not lining his stomach properly and was considerably more pissed than anyone else until he nearly fell asleep and then begged V to take him home. To be fair it was 7oclock in the morning by this stage so we stumbled home, somehow made pasta then elegantly passed out.

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Saturday-8, 2010

    why dont i get to see victoria cry, can you please video some of the crying!!!!!!!!!

    • V & J (Reply) on Sunday-9, 2010

      Don´t have any crying video but I do now have photos of her being sick on her naked self. Stay tuned…..

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