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Sheep World

Porridge, eggy bread and a Berrocca for good measure was on the menu this morning.

Drove to Auckland, then through it because it looked hideous. Ended up in a small town just north called Warkworth and we were told at the isite that there is absolutely no campsites with vacancies in the area as it’s Easter Sunday. Feeling slightly skeptical we headed out to Sheep World about 5km down the road to try our luck.

As we approached 50 pink sheep we knew we were at the right place. A small, shoeless man with hot pants on greeted us and said he had ‘thousands’ of sites available. A slight exaggeration but we were one of two campers staying there so fair point crazy man.

He then randomly offered us a sirloin steak (we did need food) which we were too polite to turn down. This reminded us that we had a dilemma on our hands-no booze in the trunk! We drove all the back into Warkworth miraculously missing the horrendous traffic we saw on the way out. Then disaster struck. IT IS ILLEGAL TO SELL ALCOHOL ON EASTER SUNDAY. We made do for the time
being by going to an overpriced bar where we were told (after buying our beers) that we had to order food, as it’s Easter Sunday. Jesus wouldn’t want us to be unhappy today so we ordered some chips. We manned up, went back to the weird campsite, ate steak, got bored of each others company and went to sleep. Did some other stuff to pass the time too.

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