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Managed to arrange a bus for that evening to take us to Mendoza. Had planned on going south to Bariloche and into Patagonia but sandles in the snow didn’t sound like the best idea. Slightly gutted about this but still onwards and…. northwards.

Went in search of the National Library, asked loads of people how to get there and where it was with no avail. Well J asked, V then repeated the question correctly got an answer explained to J what had just happened. J said ‘Gracias’ like he had understood everything. Never found the sodding library.

Found our way to the dock area and had a stroll up and down. This had been recommended to us, but we weren’t quiet sure what the fuss was about.

Stopped off in a restaurant to push our steak count a notch higher. Its almost a good idea to stop counting in ‘pieces of steaks eaten’ and start counting in ‘cows digested’.

Lunch was accompanied by a crazy old man irratically rollerblading up and down the promenade next to us. This reached a climactically funny moment when two young guys pretended to hold a long bit of string across his path. A retarded hop over this imaginary string and loud laughing followed.

Caught the subte back to the house and packed up our bags, printed our ticket and said farewell to everyone in the house. Was loads of fun and we’re definately going to miss everyone.

A short bus ride took us to the bus terminal where we had a beer and some food before getting on our luxury coach. We sniggered alot as we laid flat back and were offered candy and an aperitif. I swear they had stollen the seats from British Airways 1st Class area. Dinner was then served with a choice of wine before a movie. Could get used to bus-ing around Argentina. Night.

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