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Thursday/Friday in Buenos Aires
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Woke up very about what day it is. Is it Thursday/Friday and what the hell is the date?!

J was struggling more than V and stayed up all night in the Internet. So after breakfast J was still a zombie so he slept til 3 whilst V organised their route.

J was rudely awakened by V’s rumbling stomach demanding more steak. So off to lunch for a steak sandwich, which turned out to be sausage sandwich. Bide de Chirizo is sirloin steak, but choripan chorizo is literally a chirizo sausage, so you see where we went wrong. But it was a pretty awesome sausage sandwich so it was all good.

We walked around for a bit to the bookshops for an LP. V could just about manage these simple tasks in Spanish but when the bookshop man replied el rapido she started to black out. It was time to search for Spanish schools around Argentina!

Skyped a flu ridden Carol and a loved up Si/Lucy. We drank another one of our £3 bottles of wine and then it reached steak o’clock so headed out to dinner.

Ordered a traditional Parillada which is basically a sizzling bucket of miscellaneous meats, with some organs thrown in for good measure. We dared eachother to take a bite of the coiled up intestines. It was like chewing on an elastic band filled with excess liposuction fat.

After our nutritional meal we were feeling rebelious and walked to a bar and drank cerveza whilst watching a rather humorous tango show and J perved over the plastic fantastic tango dancer.

Decided to save the last bottle for another night and hit the sack.

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Saturday-8, 2010

    i bet vic went all ginger hulk on her ass

    • V & J (Reply) on Sunday-9, 2010

      hahahaha Ginger Hulk. Yeh, were you there

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