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Back in Time

Our 36hr day!

We didn’t make it up in time to say goodbye to Julie and Martin as the bed had engulfed us. Had some breakfast and packed up our things and headed to the car rental place. We were shuttled across to the airport where we had a slight shock when we saw the time of our flight was scheduled to take off over an hour earlier. After queuing for ages J read the board properly and realised it said ‘boarding time’ not ‘departure time’. NZ is backwards man!

Painless check in followed by some shopping, V needed some flip flops to replace the ones (or ‘one’ is more accurate) she lost in Queenstown. She could finally throw away her smelly shoes that she’d been sweating in for the last 6weeks.

Asked a woman in one of the airport shops where the water fountain was and she didn’t even look up when she abruptly replied ‘no.’ J asked ‘No?’ as she hadn’t actually answered our question and she still didn’t look up but just repeated herself. V said ‘Well your rude’, to which the miserable bint said ‘Well what do you expect?’. When she finally made eye contact with V, J could sense the tiger bubbling inside V and nearing the surface so he swiftly moved her on and advised her not to waste her breath. ‘Crazy b*tch’ mumbled V. Clearly this woman was an oxygen thief.

Boarded our flight and were delighted to find that we were the only two in a row of four seats. V immediately spread herself across all of them to mark her territory, squishing J into the corner in the process. V slept very well, only waking up to be fed a couple of times.

In Buenos Aires we took a taxi to our hostel where we splashed out on a private room. Glad we did because it was a beautiful room with high ceilings, massive ornate mirrors, mahogany furniture and a big bunch of flowers.

J was feeling the effects of the 12hr sleepless flight and the jetlag was kicking in. Going from GMT+12hrs to GMT-3hrs ought to do it! So we took it easy and walked around for a bit then went for dinner. We both ate a whole cow each and drank a bottle of Argentinian malbec, and took two more home with us. If this is a sign if things to come, I think we’re going to enjoy Argentina!

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