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To Punta Del Este

We all woke up in our own beds so that was good. But we had stinking but well-deserved hangovers. We got up late, forced ourselves to have showers, said goodbye to Cameron, took a photo of him (at this point we didn’t realize that we had photos from last night) and actually did some traveling.

The bus to Punta del Este was half as painful as expected and we caught up on some sleep.

Checked into a dorm and J had to find a cash machine, spying an iPad along the way.

We confirmed our Spanish lessons in B.A starting Monday. The accommodation they had organised sounded like a bit of a let down, more like a hostel than a homestay but it was late notice so it was better than nothing.

Opted to have a pasta meal in the hostel as it was cheap and getting late. It was mostly Spanish at the table and V was suffering badly with her hangover and couldn’t speak English today, let alone Spanish. She couldn’t be arsed to translate everything for J so sat there pretending she didn’t know.

J bummed a fellow nerdy Mac man from Canada and talked about Ruby on Rails for what felt like an eternity.

Surprisingly, for a geek and a moody cow, we were asked out for drinks but couldn’t stomach it. Went to bed and V was up most of the night with a bad tummy. A combination of the shockingly bad pasta for dinner and the gallons of alcohol still swimming around.

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