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It took us 2.5 hours to get on the right bus to Maipu, which was 25mins away. Doh! Here we rented bikes from an English expat who was a few sandwiches short of picnic.

First we mapped out our wine tasting route, as we had very little time. All the free ones and the ones that gave the most tasting for your money were on the agenda.

We cycled to the museum to look at old wine making stuff, most of which we didn’t know what it was for. V’s Spanish doesn’t extend as far as ‘wine production in the 19th century’.

Had some free wine, then cycled a few more k’s to a recommended restaurant for lunch (it offered a free glass of wine!). It was a sweet little country style place that served up an awesome rosemary red wine steak and potatoes.

Waddled along to a winery for a tour and tasting. The guide asked if we wanted it in English and we said ‘try Spanish for now and we’ll see how we get on’. After the first paragraph we were staring at her like she had just eaten two small children, so she translated into English from then on.

We got to try 4 more wines, all of which were nothing to rave about, and then cycled to the next winery. By the time we got there it was nearing closing time so we decided to make our way back.

At the rental place we got chatting to another couple and the simple bloke, who kept refilling our wine glass until it got dark and we had to think about going back and eating something.

We all went to the supermarket and bought some sausages and potatoes for V to cook and feed everyone back at the apartment. After a couple more bottles of red wine the chips still hadn’t cooked (crap oven) and the sausages were debatable. So we ate it all with some more wine, then called it a night as Alex and Laura had to go White water rafting in the morning. Definitely not envious of that, good luck guys!

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