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Feeling almost 100% human again today we figured we were man enough to take on the 24hr bus journey to Puerta Iguazu to see the waterfalls. It had been recommended numerous times, so Bolivia will take a back seat for a few more days, as will we, all the way to the otherside of Argentina.

We checked out and left our bag in the ’storage room’, aka an unused single room that resembled a smokey prison cell (‘did the mattress just move?’).

After booking our bus ticket for 3pm we said goodbye to Alex and Laura. We went to the post office to try and get rid of the stuff we’ve been carrying around for months. But for items over 100g (which is surely the weight of a letter?!) you had to get there by 10am (which we didn’t). So we tried FedEx round the corner who quoted us $75 (US) to send a 0.7kg package. So we picked our jaws off the floor and politely told them where to shove our package. Our post lives to fight another day of traveling with V&J.

Popped into the supermarket for a cheap pasta lunch and crisps for our epic bus journey. Picked up our bags from the ropey hostel, and caught our bus.

The crisps lasted about an hour before being inhaled as we were fed dry crackers for lunch. Dinner was a repeat of lunch but with a cruddy pasta thing and some wine. We were then randomly served Tia Maria and watched several films.

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