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Cataratas (Waterfalls)
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Early start with a packed lunch ready for a long day at the falls. Argentinian side today with a French couple and an american guy.

The park was a lot bigger than it’s Brazilian counterpart with many more levels and routes that allowed you to view the falls in a completely different way. It was raining and misty which also made for a completely different experience.

Over the falls, under the falls around them, in them it was all good. No but seriously we trekked out through the mud and rain to the “secret waterfall”, J found this ultra difficult wearing V’s flip flops (they had more grip in the wet than his). The best part of the day however was seeing “The Devils Throat”. It was incredibly mesmerising. The sheer dwarfing power with plumes of spray firing up higher than from where it left. The thought that no human has ever been to the bottom (and lived). The eary weather, the constant roar and the ability to stand over the edge made it an out-of-this-world experience.

It turned out to be a full day at the park all of 8 hours were spent exploring it. So it was time for beer with our new found buddies. To cut a long story short our friendship group grew bigger the beer flowed like the waterfall and V lead the way to the land of doom. It all ended with a tequila shot the size of a fist and complete memory loss.

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