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Colour Walk
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So we can’t stay in our room anymore as it’s booked so we packed everything up and looked elsewhere. A couple of hostels were too expensive, a couple too gross and one inbetweener.

We sent half the post as they couldn’t except large parcels, so once again our post lives to fight another day. V wants to buy a dead animal to post home anyway so it’s probably a good thing.

Lacking breakfast V insisted on an early lunch, J didn’t fight her. We waited for our lunch spot to open up and chowed down on milanesa sandwiches.

After relaying between the bus station and tourist office we finally managed to find the correct bus to take us to Pumawaka.

We arrived to find a disapointingly touristy geared town. Still, we took a walk through the village and up onto a hill overlooking the ‘post card pretty town’, we will let you decide what you think.

Next we walked up around the hills. Lots of good views, multicoloured rocks and cacti accompanied us on this stroll and made the journey worth while. For the big finaly we past a grand cemetery with a ton of flowers everywhere. Coloured walk, tick.

Saw a Spanish girl from our hostel and attempted to talk to her while we waited for our bus. She was heading back to BA today on a delightful 28 hour coach (we think).

Back at the ranch we went to our old hostel for dinner. We got nice and boozy with the vino tinto and arranged to go Sand Boarding with 2 other travellers tomorrow.

The whole night was topped of by a very drunk Chegovara look alike seronading us with a flute, not sire it could have been funnier if he tried.

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