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Fruit Salad

So, Argentina = STEAK, which was real good, but we have heard you can get some good fruit in Bolivia. So the hunt for a fruit salad breakfast began. Hit up the market stalls and bought the worlds biggest papaya and a bunch of other fruit. Once in ‘the trust tree’ J revealed that he didn’t actually like papaya, and left it to Neal and V to sort out. Stuffed on yoghurt, fruit and bread we were ready to begin our day.

Searched out a tour company and discussed the pros and cons of taking an extra day to trek at 6000 metres. Had the ‘almuerzo’ for lunch then Neal went to get cash from the bank while v&j searched in vain for a flight home. The internet was soooooooo slow it was impossible, made even more impossible by a power cut.

Had some more beers on the hostels roof terrace. Well we went up, it was too cold and went back down.

In the evening we set about trying to find one more person for our tour (to make it cheaper) Just when everything was lost, Corine (the dutch girl from Tilcara that we went sand boarding with) strolled in. Right, your coming with us! Booked, paid and left for dinner. Job done.

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