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After breakfast we decked ourselves out in our gayest golf attire for a lovely day on the course! We caught a taxi to ‘the highest golf course in the world’; La Paz Golf Club and easily got a teetime. Seems there are not that many Bolivians willing to spend their years salary on 5 hours of fun.

We hired some clubs, balls and tees, then more balls just incase. This distracted their attention away from our golfing standard trekking boots. We were then informed we must hire a caddy. This could get embarrassing.

After a sweet teeshot from both V&J we relaxed and remembered we are not complete retards and we do know how to play golf, even if it has been 10 months. It was pretty cool how far we could hit the ball at this altitude too. However, around the third hole it all started to go pear-shaped, particularly for V. To cut a long story short whatever she was doing it was not playing golf. At one point she managed to hit the ball 50yds in the air, landing it 2yds behind her. It’s a skill. She continued to play this well for the rest of the day, only managing 1 par. Her caddie actually chuckled at one point (‘That is not what I am paying you for is it, Jose?!’) but at least she was getting her moneys worth, making him walk twice as far as J’s caddie. J hit some absolute stonkers, smashing his drives about 350yds down the centre of the fairway. As irritating as this was for V, the views and landscape were just too amazing to get annoyed.

After our entertaining performance we had to find someone to open the pro-shop so we could buy souvenirs to prove we had played here and buy some presents for Baz and Gerry.

A well earned beer and burger was required so back at the hostel we found Neals and did exactly that.

J still hasn’t stopped talking about ‘that time he beat Victoria’ and has renamed himself ‘South American Champion’.

  1. jeff (Reply) on Sunday-4, 2010

    I still havent hit a golf ball! i hate you

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