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I Demand To Have More Booze
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Set out today determined to have a full day of exciting activties. It turnes out it’s ‘national work day’ which irronically means that no one works. Brilliant. Had a walk around the disserted square and sat on the corner having lunch.

Deffeated we returned to the hostel and played cards and entertained our selves best we could. Needless to say it wasn’t long before we were back in a bar.

Dinner time came around relativelly fast. Played some more cards with Laura and Alex then took them up to ‘the strip’ where we found the worlds best steak yesterday. They were hugelly keen to put this to the test so we were back in the same retaurant all eating 500gr of cow washed down with a bottle of Vino Tinto. This deffinattely brings cow count to 1.3 and a “roughing it” traveling score to -10. No one was dissapointed, even J who had now stomached more than a 1kg of cow in the last 24hours still thought it was stupendous.

There was only one way to continue and that was to wash the whole thing down with another bottle of wine. We changed venue for this and watched a folk band play accompanied by a couple dancing. The whole thing was backed up by some extremely compicated and rapid clapping rhythems from the crowed. Tried to join in once or twice but it only came out as applause. J was pulled up to dance again by the female performer, what can you say, the South American women love him. After much excitement we were stung with a bill that included 4 addmissions to this rhythmical marathon, we left insearch of more booze.

Drowning ourselves in countless liters of beer we came to the logical conclusion that entering a club was the next logical step. In a hazy mist we were in and in an even hazier mist we were stumberling home again.

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