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Iguazo Brazil Side
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Hate alarms! Dragged ourselves to the bus station and jumped on a bus to Brazil. This side gives a wider more panaramic view of the falls and is best done first apparently.

Formalities at the border were minimal as the only requirement was to get stamped out of Argentina. Brazil has moved their border control 7km back so it’s easy for people to access the falls on a day trip.

The Brazilian side is set up so you are dropped at the start and walk along a single track parrallel to the falls enjoying different vantage points. We were lucky enough to get on the single track just infront of the SAGA tour bus. We spent the entire day overtaking the Bettys that had to turn back and go to the toilet.

Near the end of the track the waterfall curved around to meet you and a walkway jutted out over the water allowing you to explore it. It was a two tier waterfall and the walkway was positioned so you could look up at one side and down the other, we got drenched in seconds. It was fun to get involved with the waterfall rather than just gaze from afar with cries of, “oh Betty” from the zimmer gang behind. The spray from below in combination with the sun and angle we were looking at it meant that there were tons of rainbows above and below us.

A final trip to the panaramic platform we had a last look around and began our trip back to Argentina.

It was now late afternoon and we spent the rest of the day making use of the pool and sunshine.

V cooked up a lasagne and almost murdered the butter loving chubby owner of the hostel because she added a truck load of her favorite ingredient into the mix. This, inevitably, ruined the lasagne for V who as we all know has got something predjudice against butter.

So, J did as much damage to the lasagne as possible, it was even quite buttery for him, then took the Ginger Hulk out for some dinner to calm the situation. After a plate of chips and a beer everything was almost ok again.

  1. Ian (Reply) on Tuesday-11, 2010

    All this talk about zim zimmers but whos got the keys to ma beamer? Sounds exciting ehhh, its nothing on my budding career.

  2. jeff (Reply) on Thursday-13, 2010

    love that ginger hulk is being put to good use!!!!!!!! qualitay!
    i also did not forget carols birthday. 1-0
    gerrys on the radar! pretty sure hes on skype so i cant miss him

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