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Luner Biking
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Again the three of us went out to explore more of La Paz, this time we grabbed a taxi and headed to Lunar Valley. Amazingly our taxi driver tried to drop us in the wrong place. Are you sure this is Lunar Valley sure doesn’t look very moon-ish. Finally we got to the right place. Spent 45 mins wandering around taking in the view, this included looking over a golf course in the distance. Looked pretty sweet, V was instantly golf sick. Next stop was lunch followed by dirt biking. We took two quad bikes and a dirt bike to a dusty park and abused them. V who was pretty reluctant at first was soon hammering it around with ginger pig-tails flaring out the back of her helmet shouting, ‘hey there’s a jump over here!’ We jumped, donuted and generally ragged them around. All in all it was good fun.

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