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Miners Fiesta
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We wanted to go down into the Potosi mines today, but we were warned that there was a miners fiesta on and they wouldn’t be working. Instead we headed up to the mines to see if we could join in with the fiesta. The answer was yes and the fiesta was exactly how you would picture a Bolivian miners fiesta to be. At first it was scary and we wondered what the hell we were doing next to a wheel barrow of hacked up dead llamas, drinking 96% booze surrounded by heroically drunk broad shouldered Bolivian miners that could hardly still speak Spanish. Communicating was tough to say the least, but the booze soon did its job and we had mellowed into this super cool but very strange situation. When a young Bolivian child started playing with the dead llama head and gouging out its eye we just took it in our stride. We discovered that if some one invites you to drink it is impolite to turn them down and you have to finish the entirety of what ever they give you. This got us totaled. There was a semi get out of jail free card in that you had to poor some booze on the floor before and after drinking to pay respect to ‘pachamama’ the earth god that the miners obviously respect the hell out of being 90 meters under ground most days. So if you couldn’t manage it all you could just pour more away (but its not very manly).

We were given a bag of half-cooked, bloody llama meat and potatoes to take home with us, kind of like a sick party bag. Back at the hostel an annoying Canadian girl attempted to re-cook the meat and clean the dirt off the spuds. V had already resided to the fact that she was going out for pizza, a decision made much easier when several maggots were discovered cosily living in the potatoes.

After some wine V headed out for pizza with a couple of English girls and her new Chinese friend. J went to a bar with the others and forgot that he had a girlfriend and left her searching for him for a couple of hours. Cue Ginger Hulk.

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